Following the discovery of gold at Cashens Point in 1854, the first signs of a settlement began appearing on what was then known as Jamieson Flat.  Said to be named for George Jamieson, who lived on the flat around 1850.

Jamieson was not really a gold mining town, but rather a supply town.  From Jamieson, supplies would be packed by horse and mule along the narrow tracks to the diggers on the goldfields of the Upper Goulburn.

At its peak Jamieson had a population of 3000 to 4000. Today the permanent population averages around 100.

Many of Jamieson's old buildings have been preserved including the Old Courthouse, the Post Office, Jamieson Primary School, the Memorial Hall, St Peter's Anglican Church and the old Colonial Bank and residence, just to name a few.  These buildings, and many more, are described on our self guided Heritage Walk where detailed information boards will provide you with the historical background of these houses, businesses and places of interest.  You can pick up a Heritage Walk Brochure from the post office, cafe or museum, or download it below. 

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